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Terms of use

Terms of use

Notification of the availability of results
ALFA DIAGNOSTICA reserves the right to send to their patients SMS notifications about the availability of results for the investigations ordered. By indicating your mobile telephone number upon registration, you thus agree to receive such notifications. ALFA DIAGNOSTICA may suspend or modify the conditions for performance of this service at any time and without prior notification of the recipient about it. SMS messages are sent automatically; however, ALFA DIAGNOSTICA does not guarantee delivery of such messages to the addressee.
Delivery of test results
The results of laboratory investigations are sent to the Customer only after validation (confirmation of readiness) of laboratory tests, ordered and paid, by a responsible employee of the laboratory. Electronic messages with the results of tests performed are sent automatically (without the participation of a human operator) to the e-mail address that you indicated upon registration, as an attached file in Adobe® PDF® format. By indicating your e-mail address upon registration, you thus agree to receive the results of the laboratory tests you ordered at your e-mail address.
Since the transmission of messages via e-mail does not guarantee full safety of communication and data confidentiality, ALFA DIAGNOSTICA does not guarantee the delivery of results, nor that will your data not be intercepted / read by third parties after they are sent.
To ensure safety / confidentiality of delivery of test results, ALFA DIAGNOSTICA recommends receiving your results in person (or through your legal representative) in one of the medical offices of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA, on a paper carrier. Among reasons for non-receipt of test results at the e-mail address indicated by you, we can note the following:
  • the Internet domain that your address belongs to entered the “black lists” (stop list, black mail list, etc.) of servers-participants of malicious and periodic unauthorized mass mailings;
  • particular security settings on the customer’s mail server prevent mass mailing;
  • crowded, blocked or inaccessible mailbox on the customer’s side;
  • customer’s mailbox is configured to receive messages smaller than 256,000 bytes.
In case of non-receipt of the message with test results, you can always refer with a request to info@alfalab.md or call to one of the telephone numbers that appear on www.alfalab.md. If the Customer’s request is legitimate, the message with results will be sent to you repeatedly.
Terms of use of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA personal card
  1. Personal plastic card ALFA DIAGNOSTICA (hereinafter – Card) is offered for use free of charge and is property of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA.
  2. The Card is an electronic key (carrier of a unique combination of card number and CVV code), providing secure and personalized access to the personal account.
  3. The Card is not cumulative and has a limited period of validity.
  4. The validity of the Card and the discount rate for every Card is set by ALFA DIAGNOSTICA.
  5. The Card allows its holder to receive ALFA DIAGNOSTICA services at a better price (with discount from standard price on services, valid at the time when the Card holder makes a payment).
  6. During sales promotion campaigns, the discounts offered in the campaign and the discounts on the card are not added up.
  7. ALFA DIAGNOSTICA can inform the Card holder about any changes (including, inter alia, changes of the Card’s period of validity and/or rate of discount) via www.alfalab.md, e-mail, telephone or any other means.
  8. ALFA DIAGNOSTICA may cancel a Card at any time without prior notice and without indicating reasons.
  9. The Card is personal (from the moment of Card holder’s registration in the ALFA DIAGNOSTICA information system) and cannot be transferred for use to third parties.
  10. The Card must be presented before the registration of an order and calculation of the total cost of selected services.
  11. A lost Card may be replaced by another one, provided that its holder or their authorized legal representative appeal to ALFA DIAGNOSTICA promptly with a statement about the loss of card and present their identity card, as well as a notarized power of attorney in the name of the representative (if the representative is the one who appeals to ALFA DIAGNOSTICA).
  12. Ignorance of the terms of use of the Card is not a basis for Card holder’s claims against ALFA DIAGNOSTICA.
Prices for tests and services are set at the sole discretion of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL and may change from time to time, also at the sole discretion of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL, without indication of reasons or prior notice. Therefore, please check the prices that exist at the moment of order by asking the receptionist of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL.
Terms of performance of tests and services
The terms of performance of tests and services are indicated in working days and may change from time to time at the sole discretion of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL without indication of reasons or prior notice. Working days are the days thus established by the management of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL. The term of performance of an order does not include the day of collection of biological material. Possible reasons for changes in the term of test performance may include (without limitation): (1) the need to repeat the test according to requirements of ISO 15189, internal policy of ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL, legislation, etc.; (2) occurrence of force majeure; (3) equipment failure.
In the above cases, ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL may extend the term of performance of tests and services for the duration of such circumstances, not more than 3 working days (and 14 working days in case of genetic and morphological tests).
If upon expiry of the new term the patient does not receive the results of the tests and services paid for, they may demand return of payment for tests and services in accordance with the procedure established by ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL and upon presentation of a document confirming the payment.
Test systems and equipment
ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL may, at its own discretion, place and change on its official website information about the equipment and test systems used. If necessary, please check the current information you are interested in on our official website.
When you order a certain test or service at ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL, you automatically agree to performance of such a test by using the equipment and test system stated. ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL may, at its sole discretion, without indicating reasons and without prior notice, use other test systems and equipment to perform tests. The specific features of test systems (including reference values) are determined by their manufacturer.
Preparation for investigations
Responsibility for proper preparation for tests rests on the patient. ALFA DIAGNOSTICA SRL is not responsible for the accuracy of the tests to which you did not prepare properly. Since correct preparation for tests directly affects the accuracy of their results, be sure to acquaint yourself with and fully abide by the rules of preparation for corresponding tests, which you can find on the official website, www.alfalab.md. Do not be tested if you are not properly prepared for it!

Admission of biological material
In some cases, despite proper preparation for tests, biological material may not meet the requirements imposed for the performance of the test. In this case, we will notify you about the need to repeat the collection of biological material, which we will perform for you free of charge. The term of execution of such a test will be calculated from the date of new collection of biological material.

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